“Our mission is to promote mental health awareness and confidence through fashion and artistic expression.”

Psyche Signature was born out of our work in the mental health field, building deep connections and relationships with people who have unique struggles and triumphs with their mental and emotional health. We found in their ability to openly share their stories privately, they gained more confidence in being able to share publicly. 

Thankfully, in the past several years, we as a society have moved toward breaking down the stigma of living with mental health struggles.  However, we don’t often have concrete answers as to HOW we can break the stigma.  Psyche Signature was our contribution to smashing the shame of mental health struggles.  By wearing a fashionable expression of our mental health, our hope is that people will be able to challenge the shame or embarrassment they may feel about their condition(s), share their story and educate on their journey. Others may advocate for loved ones or raise more awareness through the educational components of the designs.